Complaints and Disputes


1 In this section any enquiry which refers to the general conduct of the activities, other than the settlement of the transaction itself, will remain categorized as an enquiry through the internal complaints procedure until any escalation to the Head of Customer Services (or another senior member of staff where necessary) at which point the matter will be classified as a “Complaint”. Ultimately it will be the response of the Head of Customer Services, where escalated, which represents the final stage of this procedure.
2 Where the enquiry refers to the settlement of a betting or gaming transaction, it will become a “Dispute” where:
  2.1 it is not resolved at the first or second stage of the complaints procedure and is escalated to the Head of Customer        Services;
  2.2 following the response from the Head of Customer Services, the complainant remains dissatisfied and subsequently        refers the matter to the applicable external body for adjudication.
3 During this process all telephone and e-mail communications with You and any other person may be recorded. If the contents of these communications are disputed, then we will consult these records and these will be key in our decision making process, unless additional evidence is presented.
4 During the resolution process You must agree not to reveal the existence or detail of any enquiry, Complaints or Disputes to any third party, which could include discussions in chat rooms or equivalent forums and shall be deemed Confidential Information. In the event of unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, then the resolution process will be put on hold. In these circumstances we will also have the ability to freeze and potentially close Your account.


The complaints procedure is as follows:

Stage 1

You should initially contact our Customer Support Team and an advisor (the Agent) will investigate the enquiry and respond to it. The Agent will log the call/message and make notes on their response.

Stage 2

Should your enquiry not be resolved at this stage, the matter will be referred to the Agent's Team/ Line Manager. The Team/ Line Manager will review the matter and communicate their decision to you. We will try to respond within 48 hours. Any notice we give to you will be sent to the email address that you provide when you register your Account. It is your responsibility to give us notice of any changes to this address.

Stage 3

If you still remain dissatisfied, the matter may be escalated to the Customer Support Manager, at which time your enquiry will be either recorded as a Complaint, or, where the matter relates to a betting or gaming transaction, a Dispute.



The Complaints and Disputes resolution policy is as follows:

Upon receipt of an escalated enquiry, the Customer Support Manager will obtain a report from the nominated Agent and Line/Team Manager as appropriate and carry out any further necessary investigation and respond to you. The response of the Customer Support Manager represents the final stage of the Internal Complaints and Disputes procedure.

Should you remain dissatisfied in relation to a Dispute, you do have the option to escalate the matter externally via an Alternative Dispute Resolution provider.